School Lunch

School Lunch

From Kitchen

It is very important to our school that our lunches help our students grow strong and healthy. We support not only nutrient intake but also want to create fun and enjoyable meal time with friends and teachers.

Japanese style menu filled with nutritious dishes

At Megumi Preschool, we give special attention to the lunches we serve, we want every meal to have nutrients, healthy and fresh ingredients served with the seasoning and flair of Japanese flavors. We also want our children to see and know what they are eating, no secrets. 

Experiencing Japanese Culture through our meals

Our kitchen is also dedicated to serving meals based on traditional Japanese culture. Children at Megumi Preschool learn about the culture of Japan through conceptual dishes which change four times a year, based on the season. We also serve Japanese holiday dishes.

Handmade snacks

Our afternoon snacks are also handmade by our kitchen staff. Our pita bread, raisin bread, Inari sushi and granola are some favorites among our students. 

Substitute meals for children with food allergies

Children who have specific allergies are welcome to communicate with our kitchen staff to determine the safest ways to eat meals.