Our Staff

About Our Staff


 At megumi preschool, we make sure to speak proper japanese and we carefully observe the growth process of each and every child. We praise them whenever possible even if it is something small and we also praise them when they simply try something.

 Lunch staff

 Every week our kitchen staff go out to buy ingredients, they make sure that our ingrediance are fresh, safe, and organic.  While keeping the children's delicate taste in mind, the kitchen staff freshly hand make our meals every day. In addition to this, we also make sure that children who have allergies are catered to as well. 


Office work and Public relations department

 We pay close attention to detail as we try to opperate the school as smoothly as possible for both parents and children. 

 Furthermore, we aim to be a rewarding and enjoyable workplace for our staff , therefore we make it a point to communicate and discuss important things with each parent to ensure they feel a sence of security in leaving their children with us. 

 The public relations department  announce how children play at school, fun events, and any other information which is valuable to all interested in the school through emails, Facebook, Insta, etc. (As to pictures, we use photos only approved)



  Specialist staffs check the safety of the entire building facilities inside and outside, garden and playground equipment and repair when needed.  Usually, after the school is over, they start working and may even be serviced all night. 

  Like this, having been cooperating with teachers, the maintenance team take care of keeping the place  warm, bright, and clean every day.